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Diagnosis of TMJ



Treatment for TMJ

There are five major factors to evaluate in the treatment of jaw disorders.

  • Condition of the jaw joints
  • The way the teeth fit together (occlusion)
  • Clenching or grinding habits (bruxism)
  • Condition of the head and neck muscles
  • Stress: both physical and emotional

Treatment is divided into two stages

Stage one is the first step in treatment and comes after a thorough diagnosis. Treatment is designed to put the parts inside the jaw joint back into their proper places without cutting, drilling or anything that is invasive. Our dentists are trained to find the correct homes for these parts and both place the bones and cartilage there and to keep them there. This is designed to allow normal pain-free function. So this is designed to stop the pain, the noises and the huge drain on your nervous system and the rest of your body.

This is most commonly accomplished with an orthotic (not a splint). The doctor may recommend additional physical treatments. This would usually be supported with ensuring that you get a good night of refreshing sleep (see sleep therapy).  This program is usually a twelve week maximum and at the completion of this the doctor will either wean off the treatment, or suggest a long-term solution.

Stage Two. This when a permanent solution is sought. This may be as simple as stopping any active treatment. At the other end of the scale there may be extensive restorative dentistry. This is very individual and would always be discussed before any treatment is started.  In many cases this is treatment that would have to be carried out in due course. This program coordinates it all to a larger purpose that just teeth. This is truly whole-body care.