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The dental aspect of treatment

As mentioned the skull will flex when you inhale and extend on exhaling. The full range of motion may be impeded and that can happen in any joint or suture. The most obvious is the main jaw joint, or T.M.J. which stands for Temple-Mandible-Joint. This is a complex joint and we deal with that separately in its own section.

Where there are torsions and strains in the body, these joints or sutures lose their full range of mobility. This reduces the ability to move and to allow the associated neurology and CSF mobility to occur.

Where this can be seen is simply by looking at the face. See if one eyebrow is higher than the opposite one, the top jaw should be level with eyes and ears. This can be seen on x-rays too.   In fact the x-rays are where the analysis is measured.

Having measured these distortions, the direction of treatment can be mapped out.
Where the jaw may sit higher on one side, the other side is built up to make the bite level. In conjunction with Cranial Sacral treatment or orthodontics, the build-up is trimmed away and the high side lowered and the low side brought up.

This has to be coordinated with other care givers such as osteopaths and podiatrists. This has also to be seen in three dimensions as the torsions are always in 3D. Each person is both different and dynamic so the point that treatment starts and how it progresses will be different.